Friday, January 22, 2010

My last sem in Utar...

Well, time flies through these 3 years and it has almost come to an end...
Feel sad that this is my last sem in my uni life, how i wish i can back to year 1 sem 1. my uni life is full of colorful memories and i will keep in my heart forever...
so sorry to my classmate that i seldom join u guys and cant go with u all for the coming graduate trip in Bangkok... Well, i hope that we can gather together once before we graduate...

For this 3 years, i would like to thanks "Wei Hun", my best friend in Utar who always guide me in my study, he always motivate me in my academic performance, when im facing problem in my study, for sure he is the 1st person who volunteer to teach me... "Wei Hun", u know what?? u r my learning target... Anyway, good luck for u and must keep in touch with me after u graduate,k?

For all Group 3 classmate, wish you guys all the best in future career, hope that u guys can be a successful person in working. Hope that we can keep in touch always although we might seldom have the chance to meet again. (cos some of the staying in Sabah and also from others state)

As for housemate, haha~~ well, i have change many housemates in my uni life.(im not shifting to other new place, but they are many housemates who graduate or due to other reason shift in or shift out from my house) Thanks to Kai Xuan 1st, my best brother in my house (untill now still my housemate, although he had graduate..>.<"")
He had help me alot and always there to listen my story last time.. (although now seldom have the chance, but hope that in future, we will keep in touch with each other).. Almost half of my housemate already graduate, and now just left Steven, Eu jin and me only... ( But we all having out last sem this year, i believe that u guys sure can score well in ur last sem result.. good luck!!!)

Lee Ting, (guess u guys know who is she).. >.< haha... yeah~~ my GF, i really happy to meet her in my uni life, and 8 more days to go wil be our 3rd month anniversary... well, for those who haven meet her before, i will briefly explain her personality to u guys.. ^^ she is a very caring gal, and friendly to every ppl.. for those who meet her before will know bout this. Beside that, she is a very clever gal and very mature if compare with those who r in same age with her. Well, this few weeks, many things happen and i know she is very stress in doing society work.. how i wish i can help her and share her problem so that she wont feel so stress... Just hope that she can be Happy always....^^

Year 2010!!! a very challenging year~~!! and im ready to challenge all the things that im going to face!! come ahead and i will prove that is not a big deal to me!!!


Sunny day,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Year 2010

Haha~~ This is the first time im using English to update my blog... >.< Well... i think is the time to brush up my English, because i notice that im facing a big problem to propose my feeling in English !!!!... (if notice any grammar mistake, please correct me...^^)

First of all... im here to wish all my family member, friends, cousin, relative....


1st January 2010 is a very meaningful date to me.. because it is the beginning of the whole new year and also my 2nd months anniversary with my dear Lee Ting..
The night before 2010, i and my dear went to "Barroom" (Behind Jusco) to countdown for the coming new year of 2010 with my friends in Ipoh. Im glad that almost whole gang of my friends was there to countdown... If im not mistaken, they are around 18 ++ of us join for the countdown celebration. (ME, Lee Ting, Wen Wei, Kim Lup, Chew, Siong Kee, Lit Kwang, Jian Hui, Jia Wen, Rong Jie, Eu jin, Shi Yuin, Shi Yuin's sis, Zi Bin, Jason Lee, Chew's Bro and cousin) "im sorry in case i miss out any one in the list~~" >.<

That night we have order 8 bucket of Heineken... Guess what?? Haha~~ 2 bucket of Heineken are damn expensive, just cant imagine that it cost RM 176 for 2 bucket!!! Last Year Chinese New Year, We have order 1 bucket but just cost us Rm 66, means only cos Rm 136 for 2 bucket... Haha... i think i have made you all confuse right?? Okk... For Year 2010, 1 bucket of Heineken => Rm 88
For Year 2009, 1 bucket of Heineken => Rm 66 (understand??)

Well, let me briefly introduce the environment in Barroom... Actually the place is quite nice, the PA system was satisfied, the atmosphere not bad....
But the only bad thing is that the place was too small... it is hard for us to move or even dance... haha... all people like packing sardine... I reach there at 10.00pm, but the place was already full of people... =="" Seems like now a days youngster like to count down in club~~ (include me as well.. >.<""" haha~~)

I like the feeling when all the people count down for the Year 2010~~ 10~~ 9~~ 8~~ 7~~ ...... Happy New Year!!!! Haha~~ after count down we went to "xin du char chan xi", the same copitiam which i had mention in my previous blog "Christmas Eve"~~ Well.... honestly i enjoy very much when we "limteh" in "xin du char chan xi"... All of us was chit chatting with each other until midnight~~ haha~~~ Nice 2010 night!!!! Cant wait for the coming gathering~~ Hope to see you guys again!!!

Year 2010~~ a very meaningful year~~
Im going to graduate in this year~~
Im going to work in this year~~~~
Haha~~~ im having convo as well~~ ( around August 2010~~)

P/s: For my Dear~~
remember what i have told you??
No matter what happen, i will always be there for you and i really mean it...
Believe me and trust yourself... We can overcome all these~~
Our relationship can last forever~~~ ^^


Thursday, December 24, 2009


哈~~很久没更新我的Blog了,因为近期都在忙与考试.. 都没有时间上来...大家都还好吗??
2009年的平安夜是我最开心的一个平安夜,因为有"婷"陪伴我度过...但真的有点遗憾,没能赶上倒数的活动~~ 不好意识哦>.<~~"婷"再过几天就是跨年倒数了..相信到时候一定能让你体验倒数的的气氛~~

平安夜前,我在下午五点就到Simpang Pulai载"婷"到我家,哈!!~~当时的心情是好兴奋的哦~~因为今年能和"婷"一起倒数.当天万万没想到的是我妈煮了我和婷婷的晚餐..好好笑哦~~本以为会和婷到外面去吃晚餐的,结果还没出去就吃饱了~~哈~~~当时是七点多傍晚.晚餐后,我,婷和妈妈就坐在餐座上谈了不少东西哦~~有我弟的事啦~~我的事啦~~最好笑的话题是最近的大便顺畅吗~~(因为最近我妈买了一盒健康养生茶~~我喝了后一天可以大"六"次哦!!!好有效!!@.@)

没多久Kim Lup就打来叫我早点出去Limteh(本来我们相约的时间是十点晚上,但我们九点就出发到Jusco后面的Old Town Kopitiam), >o<~~>("婷"当晚你真的很漂亮哦~!!!)相信迷倒不少男生哦~~~哈~~~好荣幸能拖个美女去倒数哦~~~~在Old Town我们谈了不少的东西哦~~其实我不是38啦!!我真的是想关心你们吧了~~>Eu Jin你就别想太多了,要谨慎做你的决定哦..Kim Lup你要加油哦,幸福就在眼前~~哈!!!!.

当晚最难忘的事是,当Lit Kwang和 Siong Kee到后,我们本打算换个喝茶地点.结果就是我们去了好多家咖啡餐厅,最后却去了"新都茶餐室",在那里我们谈了不少话题,好久没那样和你们坐下来好好谈天了~~好开心.没多久Ah Saw 和他女友,Jia Wen, Rong Jie也纷纷到来.(在此要谢谢Siong Kee 和 Rong Jie, 因为他们请了大家喝五枝Heineken,当然也要谢谢Lit Kwang 的食物啦~~) 当晚我还遇到很多以前的朋友>Ah loke, Sky, Jia Qi, Yong Kim...等等) 很开心能见到你们~~

我们在Devil Club外面站了一会...当Eu jin告诉我当时已是12.21a.m.时,我还真的下了一跳,因为我和婷都要赶到Juaco去看Avatar...



好啦~~!!! 在此祝大家"圣诞节快乐"!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!


Monday, November 30, 2009

1 month anniversary











Happy 1 Month Anniversary!!
Yeah~~~ Dear, u must be studying now.
Must add oil yah~~
Dont so stress up,k? Try ur best~!!
Wish our relationship last forever!!!
~~LOVE U~~

Thursday, November 26, 2009


星期三一早起来,已是早上十点钟了~~庞子康!!你又睡迟了~~=。=“”当天一早看到“婷“在做CS Proposal,再想到前天晚上她还做到凌晨两点~~替他感到辛苦,”婷“妳要好好照顾身体哦~~有时要学会放手让其他人帮你~~当天一早起身最期待的应该是MYSTERY NIGHT 2009~~吧~因为我本身瞒爱唱歌的,再加上我有几位朋友是当晚的参赛者~~让我对这几位朋友充满了想象他们当晚的表现~~哈!!他们是Kok Seong和 Shi Ling..

在MYSTERY NIGHT 2009前我有一张E Com Mid Term Paper,所以一早和”婷“吃了早餐后就到了学校的Library复习当天要考的项目。幸亏考题并不难~~哈~!!算是顺利过关咯~~不知不觉就到了傍晚六点了。。和Bryan, Kai Xuan, Lao Yang在新上海吃了晚餐后就去载”婷“。。^^MYSTERY NIGHT 2009!!我来咯!!!刚刚到时还不是很多人在排队,哎~~想起以前Sg Long Utar如果有类似的活动时,当天活动前一小时一定有一群学生在North lobby排队准备进场霸位了~~现在的学生真的是少得可怜。。。

在进场前兴奋的心情就不成间断过。。。哈!!!Kok Seong~~你可以想象我有多期待你的演出吗???当天我们算蛮迟进场的,所以我们的位置并不是那么的好,只能对着LCD。当天晚上有八位参赛者。。。司仪一一介绍他们后演出就开始了。在我还没谈到比赛情节时,让我点评下当晚的司仪吧,唉~~一个”Shock Sendiri“, 一个”Diam Sendiri“。两个的搭配还真的有点奇怪~=。=”并没有太多的火花来自司仪。。我还是比较喜欢Shi Siang,Apple 和Sherly当司仪,超好笑的!!

比赛开始时,第一个项目是Duet演出,就是两位参赛者对唱所选的歌曲。。在这个环节里Kok Seong选唱“千里之外”。。他还没上场,就有超多的观众为之欢呼!!”Kok Seong我爱你“,”Kok Seong加油“,”Kok Seong!!!!!“。吵到裁判都没能好好听他们唱歌~~哈@@~~但很不幸的,他没能在第一环节脱颖而出。Kok Seong别气馁,你已是我们心中的第一了~~我的另一位朋友Shi Ling成功在第一环节闯关了~~好开心!!

进入第二环节,没太多的火花发生,因为Kok Siong没能进入第二环节,我们CS Gang也没了应有的活力和士气~~哈~~难免会有些失望啦。但不要紧。。还有Shi ling啊~~Shi Ling其实是个很有实力的参赛者,她全靠自己的实力进入了最后四强。。。但可能是太紧张了,她在最后的演出出了些状况。。没能好好表现自己,所以最后还是没能获得前三名。。但没关系,因为我有很多朋友都觉得妳唱歌很好听~真的!!妳要好好唱下去哦~~将来去参加Astro新秀大赛咯~~哈!!

不知不觉已到尾声了,因为Kai Xuan赶着去他朋友家做Moral Asignment,所以我们提早离场了。。虽然我的朋友没能得到大奖,但也没因为这样而影响我的心情啦~~因为我知道你们已尽力了!!10.30p.m.大家便各自回家了~~MYSTERY NIGHT 2009~~棒!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009


2012!!大制作!!可以说是一出好戏啦~哈!!其实在之前我以为自己已看过了~~因为我哥买了翻版的2012。。是在很久以前就买了~翻版带的封面还和原版的海报一模一样。=。=“”(咋到!!!)之前我还到处和人家说这套戏不好看,千万不要浪费钱去看呢!!(Paiseh la。。因为翻版的2012真的是套垃圾戏,超烂的!!!!)哈~~现在要改口供了,谁还没看的~~一定要去看哦~不然一定会后悔!!哈~~这里是本人给要去看2012的人的忠告(因为本人领教了)。如果你要去看2012,请记得要提早一天去买,不然就要坐“头等位”(A位)咯~~看完后头有点痛,哈哈~~因为全程抬头看戏吗。(但看的很开心呢,因为身边坐了“可爱的猪婷婷”)。这其实不是我第一次坐"A位“啦~~

前一个星期我和”婷婷“到MidValley 和 Garden。本来我们要看2012的,到了MidValley的戏院门口,发现了一个非常吓人的情景,就是不知从那里来的人,全都到了这里看戏了。。。=。=”“ 过后我们便转了去Garden,本希望那边会比MidValley好,到了Garden第一件事就是看2012是否还有票,结果是晴天霹雳~~FullHOuse!!!!超讨厌听到这个字.啊~!!!过后便选了看Phobia(泰国恐怖片,其实还好啦~~没想象的那么恐怖)所以戏我就不多谈了,直接向大家介绍Garden的戏院吧~~哪位情侣还没去过的,可以去Garden的戏院,那里的环境真的很不错。。够浪漫,因为里面的座位是专为情侣设的。。哈~~但要确保你们有带够钱去看咯。。因为一个人的门票是Rm20,两个人就Rm40咯~~在昨天,我和婷婷去了Jusco Cheras Selatan看,那里就没有Garden那么享受咯~~毕竟才Rm10门票吗~~哈啊~但看得很开心~~婷...下次带妳去看更好看的戏咯~~我不会让你坐"A坐”了~~

.....2012..... 两小时四十分钟的戏,超值的。。故事情节又感人。。偷偷告诉大家吧,有一幕美国总统真情告白的片段让我一度的落了男儿泪~~哈~~看了戏后的感言,就是要珍惜眼前事眼前人,无论是家人,朋友,兄弟,爱人~~都要好好珍惜他们,免得失去时才去后悔。。记得戏里还有一幕是一位爸爸,因为他是在海上油轮做工的,所以长期没能和自己的孩子见面,在出事前他本来要打电话和儿子谈,但已为时已晚。。恐怖的大地震已夺取了孩子的生命。。遗憾。。。。希望全天下的孩子要好好的孝顺父母~~哈!!我也不多透露戏里的情节了。。如有兴趣的人,请记得到戏院看哦~~“杜绝翻版带!!!”