Friday, January 22, 2010

My last sem in Utar...

Well, time flies through these 3 years and it has almost come to an end...
Feel sad that this is my last sem in my uni life, how i wish i can back to year 1 sem 1. my uni life is full of colorful memories and i will keep in my heart forever...
so sorry to my classmate that i seldom join u guys and cant go with u all for the coming graduate trip in Bangkok... Well, i hope that we can gather together once before we graduate...

For this 3 years, i would like to thanks "Wei Hun", my best friend in Utar who always guide me in my study, he always motivate me in my academic performance, when im facing problem in my study, for sure he is the 1st person who volunteer to teach me... "Wei Hun", u know what?? u r my learning target... Anyway, good luck for u and must keep in touch with me after u graduate,k?

For all Group 3 classmate, wish you guys all the best in future career, hope that u guys can be a successful person in working. Hope that we can keep in touch always although we might seldom have the chance to meet again. (cos some of the staying in Sabah and also from others state)

As for housemate, haha~~ well, i have change many housemates in my uni life.(im not shifting to other new place, but they are many housemates who graduate or due to other reason shift in or shift out from my house) Thanks to Kai Xuan 1st, my best brother in my house (untill now still my housemate, although he had graduate..>.<"")
He had help me alot and always there to listen my story last time.. (although now seldom have the chance, but hope that in future, we will keep in touch with each other).. Almost half of my housemate already graduate, and now just left Steven, Eu jin and me only... ( But we all having out last sem this year, i believe that u guys sure can score well in ur last sem result.. good luck!!!)

Lee Ting, (guess u guys know who is she).. >.< haha... yeah~~ my GF, i really happy to meet her in my uni life, and 8 more days to go wil be our 3rd month anniversary... well, for those who haven meet her before, i will briefly explain her personality to u guys.. ^^ she is a very caring gal, and friendly to every ppl.. for those who meet her before will know bout this. Beside that, she is a very clever gal and very mature if compare with those who r in same age with her. Well, this few weeks, many things happen and i know she is very stress in doing society work.. how i wish i can help her and share her problem so that she wont feel so stress... Just hope that she can be Happy always....^^

Year 2010!!! a very challenging year~~!! and im ready to challenge all the things that im going to face!! come ahead and i will prove that is not a big deal to me!!!


Sunny day,

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